About the Weekend

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A weekend encounter with a risen Savior...

What is a Chrysalis weekend?

A Chrysalis weekend is a three-day experience of spending time with Jesus and strengthening your walk with Christ. This is a time away from the distractions of the world that can impact your walk with God. You will spend 3 days fellowshipping, worshiping, learning about God's grace, listening to talks by youth, adults, and clergy, and experiencing the amazing love of God. Our weekend in Owensboro is hosted over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend every January and is graciously housed at Owensboro Christian Church. This is a retreat- we start early on Saturday morning and stay overnight through Monday evening.  Chrysalis is what we call ecumenical, meaning we do not focus teachings on the practices of a single denomination, but instead focus on what unites us all as believers. The Chrysalis organization is part of Upper Room and is part of the greater Walk to Emmaus community. 

Who can attend a Chrysalis weekend?

Chrysalis is designed for high school students, freshman through age 19. College students and young adults have the opportunity to attend Journey to the Table (specifically geared towards young adults) or the Walk to Emmaus, the adult version of the Chrysalis experience. For more information on Journey, check out the tab above. More information about the Owensboro Walk to Emmaus can be found at http://www.owensboroemmaus.com/. Students wishing to attend will need a sponsor involved in the Emmaus/Chrysalis/Journey community, though it can be from communities outside of Owensboro. If you do not have a sponsor, but wish to attend, please reach out to us! Parental permission is also required to sign up! 

Still curious? Want more information? Check out the Upper Room's page on Chrysalis!