Serving on a Weekend

Serving on a weekend is a great way to serve in your fourth day/next steps. We would love for you to join us! Our next weekend is: TBD due to COVID-19.

Who can serve?

You can serve on the team if you have previously attended a Chrysalis, Emmaus, Journey, or REC weekend. You do not have to have completed your initial weekend within one of the Owensboro communities You MUST be able to pass a background check (if over 18). We need adults and students alike for this weekend! Please fill out an application and our lay director will contact you if you are picked to serve on the weekend.

How can I serve?

Our team includes conference room, lay director team, spiritual team, prayer room, agape (cleaning, set up, etc.), snack agape, dining, music, media, guardian angles, and more. If you would like more information on what a particular job entails, please let us know!

Can I serve and sponsor?

We do not prevent people serving on the team from acting as a sponsor, but remember a responsible part of sponsorship includes service throughout the weekend. Please plan accordingly! If you have questions, see a lay/assistant lay director or board member for guidance.